Remember to Lock Your Doors

Recently some break-ins have been reported in the neighbor- hood. Locking cars and homes and keeping garage doors closed will help protect you from having to deal with theft.

Following are some cautionary measures you can take to minimize your risk of theft.

• Lock all doors and windows including garage and vehicle.

• Don’t store valuables in car.

• Keep entryways, pathways, stairwells, porches, yards and parking areas well lit. Mount lights up high so light bulbs can't easily be unscrewed.

• AEPs website shows leaving front porch and coach lights on at night costs $6.66/mo.

• And if you want to reduce that, you can add motion detectors.

• Since our neighborhood does not have any lighting other than that of the homeowners, please consider leaving lights on at night.

• Keep branches and shrubs trimmed away from your home to minimize hiding places.

• Keep an eye out for suspicious activity or people in the neighborhood, and report suspicious activity to law enforcement.

Third Annual Christmas Light Decorating Contest Winners!

Thank you to all the participants in the 3rd Annual Christmas Light Decorating Contest.  Now to the winners.  Congratulations to:

1st Place: 7202 Trillium Dr   

2nd Place: 7325 Trillium Dr  

3rd Place (tie):  1991 Chicory Ct.  and  7389 Summerfield Dr.

Blockwatch Program

Personal Property Record - Use this form to record personal property Information to help you later in case of theft - Click here (Word Document)

Summerfield Village Presentation - Overview of statistics, helpful tips, reporting suspicious activities, and resources - Click here (PDF Format)

Neighborhood Improvements

Mowing: The board has approved Brickman Group to maintain the mowing and landscaping contract this year.  The mowing rotation can be seen here. The primary areas are to be mowed weekly, an the secondary areas are to be mowed every other week.

Street Signs: The Orange Township Trustees voted to take over the responsibility of the street signs.  This means any maintenance or replacement will be up to the township.  When the signs are going to be replaced, they will be replaced with the reflective green signs.  To review resolution, please click here.


For anyone who needs to replace a mailbox, please contact Cedar Craft Products, Inc., P.O. Box 9, Blacklick, OH  43004.  Phone: 614.759.1600

Simple Precautions Can Help Keep Our Neighborhood Safe

• Don't use a cell phone while driving!  A single distraction could lead to a tragedy. Pay extra attention to the side of the road while driving.

• Do not pass vehicles that have stopped in the roadway. They could be dropping off children.

• If walking the neighborhood at night, make sure drivers can see you.  Carry flashlights or glow sticks or use reflective tape on your clothing.

• Be sure your children know how to cross a street. Instruct children to look both ways before crossing the street and to cross only at corners or crosswalks.

We are compiling email addresses for a neighborhood directory. If you would like to have your information added, please email or use the contact form on the website.

New Rumpke Contract.  Effective February 1st the new Rumpke contract will go into effect which allows for recycle, trash and yard waste picked up on the same day. The new monthly rate...… Read on

Trash Removal Issues -  If at anytime during the year Rumpke misses your street or home, please call them at 1-800-828-8171 or township hall.  For a schedule of pick up dates include holidays, please visit their website at

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